Getting Your House Ready On The Day of a Showing

On the day of your showing your house just needs final but important touches. Here we list these last steps to take before leaving your house open to a private showing to make the house show like a model home. If you have kids this preparation may take up to 4 hours to get a 4 bedroom house ready but it is all worth it.

  1. Lock up or take with you all jewelry, guns and any small personal items of value.
  2. Arrange all beds, pillows on couches, straighten up curtains, arrange stools in kitchen and dining room.
  3. Stove in closets all personal items like shoes and clothing and remove them from the mudroom or hallways except for those that add to the decor.
  4. Vacuum all carpets.
  5. Make your kitchen sparkle from the stove to the kitchen counters. Remove everything from kitchen counters leaving just the decor if any.
  6. Clean up all counters of all bathrooms and place everything else in drawers leaving just the decor if any.
  7. Arrange towels in all bathrooms and kitchen.
  8. Turn on all ceiling fans in the rooms on low and turn on the thermostat fan to low on all floors letting air circulate bringing fresh air from outside. If you have a basement, leave the thermostat fan and ceiling fans running at all times even before showings to prevent mold from hanging out in stagnant dark rooms.
  9. Make the house bright and light. Whether your showing is during the day or evening, turn on all accent lights in the house and lights in rooms and hallways that lack natural lighting. Do not rely on realtors to turn the lights on for you as most times the realtors walk in with the clients. You want that first impression when the buyer enters your home to pop.

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